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Full Synthetic Technology

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Full synthetic technology of Bogart engine oil is a product with the best synthetic base oil in the world. This advanced formula can provide maximum protection and assistance to your vehicle's engine against heat, deposits and wear in newer vehicles as well as the basic needs of vehicles against breakdowns before engine oil begins to act to help protect your engine. to work longer.

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دارای نشان استاندارد و تاییدیه رسمی ISO

* Helps Reduce Engine Friction

* Protects Egainst The Formathion Of Sludge Varnish And Rust

* Advanced Thermal And Oxidative Stability

* Special Formulation To Help Reduce Oil Consumption

* Extra Cleaning Against To Help Reduce Deposits And Vanish Mass Formulation

* High Performance Cars With Lastest Engine Technology

* Suitable For All Seasone

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